Mission Statement:

β€œOur mission is to strengthen and empower youth using basketball as a tool. We work to develop basketball players of all ages and abilities in a fun, safe, inclusive, engaging, and highly energetic atmosphere.”

Raincity Basketball Club was formed in the spring of 2017 by Coach Emmy and Coach Taylor. Both coaches are extremely passionate about basketball, coaching, and giving back to the community. Ball is, and always will be life. Boys and girls of all skill levels are welcome to train here. We will cater any workouts or drills to meet the needs of all our players. This is a program that is dedicated to skill development, make no mistake, you will get better here. We are continuously committed to providing a highly energetic, competitive atmosphere while still being inclusive and fun at all times.

Raincity Basketball is a program that will focus on hard work and fundamental skills, only when a player has mastered these fundamentals will they progress to more advanced and elite moves, skills, and concepts. We are not about gimmicks or gadgets here, we will teach you how to improve your game by putting in the work through repetitions at game speed.

Raincity Basketball prides itself on being a program that is more accessible and affordable to the greater Vancouver community. We are driven to help the next generation achieve their goals in all areas of life.

Get better here!